Work at Home Kit for Remote Teams: Complete Guide 2023

Deciding on the items you’re going to give away might sound like an easy task but, although it can indeed be easy, especially if you have a trusted and experienced vendor,  it can also be time consuming. On the other hand, you might want to go a bit extra and give your employees a number of smart home products that will definitely improve their productivity. Even though it’s been almost a year since most companies moved to a remote working environment, things needed to work from home many people are still having a difficult time keeping up with the working at home routine. That’s why a beautiful cheese board, like the one we’re showing you here, might just be  the perfect gift in terms of helping your employees make their free time at home special and fun. A rather big problem for people working from home is that they work in isolation and don’t have the opportunity to exchange ideas with their co-workers as much.

Our advice would be to also make sure to include healthy snacks, like dried fruits and nuts, that employees can eat while working. That’s why such a home kit accessory makes a great gift, even if it’s not directly linked to one’s work routine. As we’re reaching towards the end of our list, we’re presenting you with a gift idea that’s cozy and thoughtful. A headset, like the one shown above, that’s of high quality and helps minimize distractions, can be particularly helpful for people who live in shared flats or live with their families and kids. Having a nice and clean workspace can help those who work remotely to remain focused and efficient.

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It’s where personal style meets epic productivity…even if your definition of productivity means binge watching until the finale. Etc. offers the right mix of attitude, style, and products to make your work style meet your lifestyle. MeetEdgar scheduling software automatically pulls posts from your content library to keep your social fresh everyday, on repeat. If you have a coworking membership for use every now and then, make sure you know how to book a day, or what location works best for you, so it’s one less hurdle to heading out the door.

  • They do require buying an IKEA Dirigera Hub to be connected to your home network.
  • Jordan Essentials is an affordable business opportunity that will cost you only $24.50 to start.
  • Work from home apps can provide all this and turn things around if working from your laptop has already become slow and inefficient.
  • Keep your herd healthy with this cute and courteous work at home survival kit packed with treats for their health and for their bellies.

In addition to abundant acrylic paints, your team will receive a fun virtual demonstration that will teach them how to implement simple techniques and make a true work of art all on their own. Imagine taking a tour through Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory in real life! The Chocolate Truffle Kit is a chocolatier-guided confectionary experience for teams. Team building is the deliberate process of enhancing collaboration and, as a result, boosting productivity and employee engagement.

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To be honest, picking the right software for task management can sometimes be trickier than completing the actual tasks on your list. Kudos has a basic plan ($3/user/month), plus plan ($5/user/month), and a custom enterprise plan (price upon request). On top of that, Kudos can increase employee retention rates in your company and make sure the top-notch people from your company stick around and build success together.

The Work From Home Starter Kit

Why not give your new arrivals a customized welcome kit so they can represent your brand while “out there” working? This simple work from home survival kit has all the swag basics covered. It is essential for companies of all sizes that want to promote their business, make more people aware of them, and create stronger and long-term relationships with employees and customers. With almost three decades of experience in the field of swag boxes and promotional products, we’ll guide you through the whole process so you can be sure that your work at home kits will resonate with your team.

Is Remote Work Right for You?

For example, you can set your Slack to stop notifications after 6 pm and before 8 am on weekdays, and then on weekends turn notifications off completely. Both iPhones and Androids have Do-Not-Disturb functions, as do other apps you may use for work, like Slack. Just because you can access your work or business email on your laptop at all hours, doesn’t mean you should. Having a Work-From-Home Survival Kit can help save you from longing for the days you spent under the glare of fluorescent lights, downing bad coffee, and keeping one eye trained on the tick, tick, ticking of the clock. Next thing you know, you’re doing a live remote interview on BBC, and your kids barge in to steal the show.

The Work From Home Starter Kit

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